Hard Disk Headache

So I've recently finished putting together my machine and I've run into an issue I keep getting random freezes in Windows Vista Business 64 bit edition. Now what happens is an application seems to hang and then the entire system freezes with monitors showing little to no CPU usage. What I've come to the conclusion is that it's a hard drive stalling out on me but I'm having trouble tracking it down. My system is as follows:

Gigabyte X48 DS4 ( AHCI mode enabled )
Core 2 Duo E8600 3.3 GHz
2x2GB OCZ PC 1066
ATI Radeon 4870 ( Saphire )
Seagate ST3640323AS x 3
LG DVD Burner
Corsair HX 1000
Antec 1200 Case

Now I've downloaded Seatools and they seem to pass the drives, (All except the windows drive which I assume Seatools can't wrestle necessary control from the OS.) I've been experiencing problems earlier with the the system not finding the drive or doing so erratically. I assumed it was a bad drive so I installed on another drive. Now while the windows partition is seeming to operate fine my second drive is randomly not being detected. I can accept that one drive was bad but two? That just seems unreasonable at least a bit and no diagnostics find an issue. So this leaves me two big considerations:

1) Did I mess up a bios setting of some sorts?
2) Those SATA connectors on the DS4 seem a bit wobbly is this a physical connection issue?

Thanks for any help!
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  1. 1) What's the hdd setup? Which RAID?

    2) Normal.
  2. Use the bootable DOS version of Seatools. Use the appropriate version of ISO Recorder, or other ISO burning software to burn the CD.

    Also download the Ultimate Boot CD and burn the ISO. Boot to the UBCD and run Memtest86+ to test your RAM.
  3. Seeing as its happened with multiple drives, its possible the error is with the drive controller. This means sending the motherboard back for a different one. I'd follow Zorg's advice first however.
  4. So I tried the ultimate boot disk and memory tested it and there were no issues there. Second I tried getting sea tools both the graphical and text version to run in dos but both of them stalled at "Free DOS" and would not continue. I am going to try the HD tests on the UBD right now. I was trawling the internet and found some issues with perhaps the PSU being overloaded. This seems unlikely as my PSU is 1000 Watts.

    I will let you all know how the hard drive test is.
  5. After testing the hard drives with Seatools, the hard drives had to be run in IDE mode, none of them failed any tests. However, when I was doing a audio test I found out that the drives made a click when powered off then another when they spun up. What this told me was that my drives were actually turning off during the regular function of my PC. I've updated my motherboard drivers to latest revision and turned AHCI mode.

    I am seeing if the bios updated helped, but if it didn't I am quite concerned as what the problem might be. The strange thing is even in windows the drives pass long generic tests. Then when during normal operation of windows I will hear a click then the os will lock up. Memory tests all passed, so did CPU stress tests.
  6. Might sound stupid, but double check that the OS drive (or all of them) have the power plug FIRMLY seated. I once had a problem with my computer locking up because the 4 pin molex plug wasn't in tight. The drive would randomly lose power and lock up the computer.

    You might want to check Seagate's website and see if there is an updated firmware for the drives. If there is, it might help.
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