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I cannot load my photos from my camera to the Photo Wizard? I normally used a USB wire from my camera into the front of my computer and the Wizard used to come up asking what I would like to do? I liked working with it as it was very user friendly. The system was called Windows Picture Acquisition Wizard. I looked in "My Computer" but there is NO catagory listed called "Printers and other Hardware" to go into ??? What's going on here? Can anybody help me without me paying money to fix this problem? Thanks!
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  1. XP's Camera and Scanner Wizard are built into the OS. Go in to Control Panel and right click and make a desktop shortcut to open and access the program. Apparently, the program is no longer set as the deault App when your camera is plugged in to the system. See default programs and set the XP Camera and Scanner Wizard as that device's default App.
  2. Thanks, Badge! I will give that a try and let you know what happens. I really miss it.
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