ATI card question

if i got this for my sff dell optiplex gx280:

could i put these on it to make it fit in the low profile pci port. they have a low profile version of this card but its 60 bucks more. figure i would do it myself and save doh.
and just as a rain check... this card recommends 250 watt psu right?
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  1. You can do that if you want but i would get this one instead unless you cant get Newegg delivery where you are.
    To clarify Yes that bracket is made to do exactly what you want but i think that card is overpriced. If you cant get Newegg where you are look at the 8400GS cards on Amazon, Check some reviews but im fairly sure they would perform slightly better than the x1300 and are cheaper :)

    PS Make sure the specs match though some of them are only 64bit and not 128

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