The best video card fo windows 7

HELLO I'am alfredo ,i have windows xp professional media center 2005
and i install a new windows 7 professional,two O/S .the PC is .
MSI board Intel 865PE Neo2 V- cpu pentium 4--3.4..ghz. 3GB.memory
the video card Geforce 6200.nvidia 512mg.
i,install a LG blu-ray recorder WH10LS30.
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  1. You need to update the motherboard first. You can't run good graphics or sound with the processor you have. It's obsolete.
    Try a dual core or quad core processor, then you can plug in cards, such as PCI 16X, to get the best HD graphics. The single core processor does not have enough cache memory to run the hardware you want. The video will freeze and jitter, with poor quality.
    Seriously, it's quad core time. Upgrading an old system is not worth the money you will put into it, and upgrading will not give you the result you expect.
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