Voltage too low or high on OC?/ Temperature problems?

I overclocked my e8400 to 3.6 ghz after installing my new glacial tech f101 heatsink and HAF 932 case. I set the voltage to 1.325 I believe, do you think that's a bit too low or high, when I got it around 1.38, my system made whining noises and froze a lot.

I've run the CPU through the gauntlet that is crysis on max settings for an hour then I played COD MW2 for like 4 hours and it seemed fine.
(side note: got a huge increase in FPS from doing this)

I want to ramp it up to around 4ghz later on and I am also wondering if that voltage would be safe for that, I know this sounds petty but I don't really like messing around with voltages, I have a bad taste in my mouth from my first ever OC a few months ago where I got the blue screen of death and a memory dump.
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  1. well you gotta bump it up incrementaly, you cant just go from stock all the way up to 1.4.

    every time you get a BSOD then bump up the vcore a little bit until it becomes unstable.
  2. should I leave it at the voltage I have now for the 3.6ghz clock.
  3. Intel's recommended max voltage is 1.3625 volts. Absolute max voltage is 1.45 volts. So you have some room to go.
  4. ok, so what I have now is safe then

    thanks for the input
  5. This is a reboot of my old thread, it is still related. recently, my 3.6ghz OC went BSOD, so I tried to OC again but my computer would no longer boot, then I tried it at a 1700fsb, and no boot, then at 1500 fsb and no boot (default FSB is 1333). so i went back to stock. I checked how my temps were with core temp and it said that my C0 has a range of 26-34 celcius and that c1 is always at 36. is this odd that the temperature never changes and should my c0 temp have a greater range?

    any comments would be helpful but please be gentile, i'm fine at putting the thing together but I'm still new at software configuration.
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