My old HDD

hey there! :D

i have an old seagate 120GB Pata HDD and it crashed on me whn i hooked it up to my (then) new rig. If i'm not mistaken, i think the drive header fell of the i can hear a knockin sound whn u move it up and down.

It crashed 2 yrs ago. and i had it stored safely all this while. I later found it gathering dust in my cupboard.

the BIG question - can i manage to get any data from this HDD or is this better off as a paper weight? :whistle:
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  1. Only thing you can do is try hooking it up and see what happens. Try some of the free hard drive recovery programs. You never know.
  2. hmmm...will this b possible even if i cant boot/detect the HDD on my pc?:S :O
  3. If the bios doesn't even detect the hard drive than you are pretty much SOL. That is unless you want to spend some $ for professional drive recovery.
  4. how much $ are we lookin at here? provided i cant get the HDD to show in my bios.
  5. prof drive recovery stuff can run hundreds of dollars, possibly more if you have hardware issues.

    Find an entertaining way to smash it or explode it. Or take it apart and show a kid what's inside an HD.
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