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I was reloading my PC and during the vista OS load I decided to delete the partition on my hard drive and was going to create a new one and format. I Deleted it and now it doesn't recognize the drive. I restarted the load and tried another hard drive and now it doesn't recognize that one either. The drives are found in BIOS, but not during the windows load, but I am not sure why. Am I missing something?
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  1. I just solved what sounds like a very similar issue, my drive showed up in the BIOS as well as the Device Manager, but not Windows Explorer.

    All I had to do was assign a drive letter, open Disk Management in Administrative Tools and if the partition/disk shows in there, and assigning a drive letter should be in the context menu if you right click it.
  2. This issue took place before windows is loaded, so there is no disk management yet. Mine occurred during the OS load.

    I ended up keeping the drive unplugged and tried the drive again a couple days later and now it recognizes it. I can't explain it but it does appear to work.
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