AMD or Intel Which Is Best??

can any one suggest me which is the best processor amd or intel?? and also suggest me a good processor for me(for gaming purpose)
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  1. The general opinion is that Intel produce the better CPU these days, although AMD chips are adequete for most applicatons.
    Can you say more about your intended use, budget etc.
    Custom build or you buying it prebuilt?
  2. my budget is 30000 INR/- am intrested in games so i love any processor that has an advantage for Games!!
  3. Wow...
  4. 30 000 Indian rupees = 625.38 U.S. dollars
  5. Wow? His budget is around $640 in US dollars.

    Damnit cmichaelt, you beat me to it.
  6. nowadays I would suggest Intel. Personally I would go with a Q9300.
  7. Intel has the better high end chips, but AMD has the price edge. For your budget, I'd go AMD.
  8. AMD Is The Best

    Go To This System

    AMD Dual Core 7000+
    Asus VM-DVI Motherboard
    2 GB DDR-2 RAM (Transcent)
    500 GB SATA Hard Drive (Seagate)
    DVD Writer 22X Multi (LG)
    Iball MM Keyboard Optical Mouse Black Combo
    VIP Cabinet + SMPS
    512 MB Graphics Card (NVidia)
    19" LCD Display (LG OR View Sonic)

    This System Rates Are Approximatly Just 24 Thousend Ruppes

    I Will Make Many System No Pro And Great Performance And Also All Application Work Good...
  9. ^You just suggested that AMD is better yet said to go with a nVidia GPU when a HD4850/4870 is the current best bang for buck GPU out there......

    Nice contradiction.....

    Just to be honest to the OP, for gaming it truly depends. Some newer games are taking advantage of quads. Most still do better on higher clocked duals.

    For a quad I always suggest the Q6600 until either Core i5/Phenom II is out or Core i7 920 drops in price.

    For dual core on a budget any of the Athlon X2s or a nice Core 2 E7300. The Core 2 E7000 series OCs pretty well.

    For video card, I suggest the ATI HD4850. Best bang for your buck really.

    Memory, you want 4GB these days. Corsair is the best but Patriot has some decent RAM for a budget.

    For HDDs, always do a RAID 0 with 2 drives. 500GB is around $50-60 bucks now so its pretty cheap.

    For the mobo, Asus is always the best for me. A bit pricier even on their lower end mobos but usually because they come with nice features and great support.
  10. If this isnt a flame bating, trolling thread.....

    Oh happy new year...

    For me, oooh Intel 8600 for dual core, intel 9550 quad for socket 775 or a 920 i core 7..

    with and Intel x48 motherboard...

    AMD a 7000x2 ( is this a duff dual core which in turns a duff tri core ( oh what happend to those ) ) or a Phenom 9850 quad
    with a AMD MOBO
  11. q6600 or e8400 for less then $1500

    $1500-$2200- used qx9650 or E8600 < i go i7 myself but it is tough, i7 if you can upgrade the video card later

    $2000 and up > i7 $150 ram, $250 mobo, $280 cpu = $680 vs $400 for core 2

    spend the extra $300 for future proofensss

    amd: i have not tested new quads the old quad suck - under $1500 amd are great too. since the mobos may be discounted it may be a good deal if want a 3-4 pci-e system cheap
  12. boblee said:
    can any one suggest me which is the best processor amd or intel?? and also suggest me a good processor for me(for gaming purpose)

    Depending on the prices in your region, AMD might provide a better setup.

    The 9950BE is comparable to the Q6600. Then again, for your budget, I would recommend an E8400/8500.

    A lot of people here will simply compare the prices and performances of CPUs to conclude Intel is superior to AMD, but because you have to buy motherboards too (and AMD motherbooards are less expensive generally), it shouldn't the the only factor in your decision.

    Clock speed and cache is more important to gaming than core count, so the E8400 (3.0 ghz, 1066 mhz front side bus, dual core, 3 mb L2 cache per core) is the best gaming chip in most people'e opinions. The E8500 (3.1 something ghz, 1066 mhz front side bus, dual core, 3 mb L2 cache per core) is just a bit higher clocked E8400 (some people claim it over-clocks better).
  13. yikes $600 bucks!

    get a used velocity micro system on ebay! part it out - then you next trip to states stuff the parts under your seat!

    i have no idea what parts cost in india but if they are close to year - you want a cheap cpu and overclock it!

    cpu $50 -$80 E5200 on the high side or 2180 or down
    mobo $80 p5q pro but this may be tough
    gpu $100 after rebate4830 then oc it 200mhz
    ram $40
    $case and psu $60
    os $100
    hdd $50

    a fey bucks to shift around
  14. hey man intel is better for gaming but when you become older amd will be usefull
  15. I would recommend the Intel i5 750.

  16. here is a good guide for CPU performance/price ratio.
    It mostly say AMD Athlon II so try to build around it. If you are on the look out for a GPU, let us know your monitor resolution so we can recommend the matching video card for you.
  17. Hey, boblee.

    gamerk316 just made a simple yet solid point, Intel has better chips, AMD has price edge.
    Take that as reference only but don't think okay i'm going intel all the way.

    You just have to read tomshardware's review, they're made of king of the kings.
    This is one recently article that gonna help you, Best Gaming CPU of May 2010.,2620-6.html
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