Seagate Freeagent Go not recognized as an identifiable USB device.

I recently traveled from NY to FL and grabbed my Freeagent and my old laptop. When I connected it to the laptop (with USB 1.0) it began to detect the drive and even noted that a Freeagent Go was detected, but I got a USB error due to lack of power. I bought a powered hub but after that the drive would click and flash but was not recognized. No drivers are needed but Windows XP tried to search for drivers for this now unidentified device plugged into the USB port. When I got home I plugged the drive into my newly purchased Vista machine. Previously the drive worked flawlessly and now it is not detected as an identified device and the Seagate program does not know that it is present. The drive will spin up and the lights will flash and XP asks for drivers for an unknown device. Eventually the drive will stop spinning and flashing and XP will attempt to identify it again. I am using the supplied cable. In my travels the disk may have been exposed to magnetism since it was in the same bag but not directly exposed to an XM radio mag mount car antenna. I'm not sure if attempting to run the drive on the old laptop did it or the magnet did it, but oddly enough the old laptop did initially recognize it as a Freeagent Go drive before the USB power surge message came up.

Any ideas? It isn't even an issue of reformatting since my computers do not even know what is connected to the USB port in the first place.

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  1. Watch these videos on how to open your FreeAgent and remove the hard disk.

    Connect the hard disk directly to the computer.
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