Looking to replace incredibly noisy Cooler Master CPU heatsink/fan

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My system:

- ASRock 4CORE1600-D800 dual-core LGA775 motherboard
- CD/DVD drive
- 3.5" floppy drive
- SATAII hard drive (encased in Silentmaxx HDD case, temperature averages 33 degrees Celsius)
- Corsair VX450W power supply
- 120mm rear exhaust fan
- an even larger side case fan
- noisy-as-heck Cooler Master blow-down CPU heatsink/fan

Given this setup, would it be practical to replace the Cooler Master with a fanless heatsink CPU cooler?

If so, does it make a difference whether the heatsink fins are perpendicular (like the Scythe Ninja Mini) or parallel (like the Thermalright SI-128 SE) to the airflow coming from the side case fan?

The case is not large enough to support a heatsink taller then five inches.
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  1. I put a Scythe Ninja Mini in my wife's rig. Even though it has an 80mm fan, it is very quiet.
  2. Or simply replace the fan with a quieter one. I like the S-Flex fans.
  3. You can look at Zalman, there pretty quiet and affordable

  4. Are case fans and CPU fans the same kind of fan?
  5. Anyone have experience using a special adapter to replace a heatsink's 92mm fan with a 120mm fan? Nexus makes both components:


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