AMD Athlon II X4 620

Hi, I am going to be ordering in an Athlon II X4 620 as an upgrade for the house computer.

It's being upgraded from an Athlon 64 X2 6400+ 3.2GHz

As all of you know the 620 comes with a stock speed of 2.6GHz. I want to overclock the CPU to around 3.2GHz, 3Ghz will do also.

I am new to overclocking CPU's and do not want to mess up. I've seen videos, but still cant get the hang of it.

The computer specs are currently

Windows 7 Ultimate
Foxconn A7VMX-K
3GB of DDR2 800MHz Ram
250GB 7200RPM Seagate HDD

I've seen all the things you have to adjust for HT, DRAM, and FSB, etc. I wanted to know if anyone has good settings I can use to overclock in the BIOS to get 3.0-3.2GHz on the stock heatsink and fan that the CPU will come in, or the 6400+ heatsink and fan.

Help will be great.


I've looked into another thread sort of like mine, and could not get any help from what I have read. I need to learn the basics from the beginning.
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