Quick decision on a 20/22" monitor needed! plz help me choose

I know this isn't the best place to ask about monitors, but I really need a quick decision and I don't seem to be getting much response from the LCD section so please help me here. I'm considering buying a monitor and I need some advice. There's a lack of reviews on the net regarding monitors and I need some help to get the best monitor for the price.

My choices are (note: all prices are after tax)
1) Samsung 2053BW @ ~ $200 CAD
2) LG W2242TQ-BF @ ~ $238.14 CAD
3) Acer X223WBD @ ~ 197.3475 CAD
4) Samsung Syncmaster 2253BW ~ $ 219.45 CAD
5) LG L226WTY-BF@ ~ $266.49 CAD
6) Dell Ultrasharp 2009W LCD $220 CAD
7) LG W2042TQ-BF @ $207 CAD
<- on sale and will end tmr!
8) Anything else that you guys might suggest in the price range of $200 - $270 (Canadian tax included)

Here's what I'm looking at to judge performance:
- Any backlight bleeding?
- Contrast ratio good?
- Design (is it slim or does stick out like a turtle's shell from the back?)
- Placement of control keys
- Is it egronomic? (can I tilt it?)
- Price/performance

I've pretty much narrowed down to LG 2042TQ-BF (due to the attractive price + performance) vs Dell's Ultrasharp series which offers better color reproduction at the cost of an extra 3ms response time. Does anyone have any suggestions regarding these 2 monitors? Or is there something else that you think would be better?

The LG 2042TQ-BF monitor sale is finished after tmr so please help me choose quick!!
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  1. Hm... since no one can answer my question how about this...

    Is there a major difference between 5ms and 2ms response in gaming? Will it significantly decrease the ghosting effects? I'm looking at this in a trade off standpoint at the moment.
  2. I picked up the Samsung Syncmaster 2253BW and let me tell you it's awesome. For the price I haven't seen anything better including the 2 you're down to. If you look at the reviews on it you'll find everyone is amazed by it. No ghosting or bleeding. I've played my PC and 360 on it through the DVI connection and it's just nuts. My buddies love it. The Dell is 2k contrast ratio, 5ms, and 20" screen size. LG 8k contrast ratio, 5ms, 20" screen size. Samsung 8k contrast ratio, 2ms, 22" screen size plus it's a 2 time customer choice award on NewEgg. It's a no brainer plus Samsung is running a rebate on it right now.
  3. hmm.. people have noted that the Samsung monitor has buzzing noise if it brightness is less than 75% and that there's huge backlight bleeding which is why some people did not prefer this monitor.
  4. Haven't noticed the buzzing with my brightness under 75% or come accross anyone who has said anything about backlight bleeding. Just my experience though. As we all know any product no matter how good can have issues. I'm coming from personal experience with this monitor, the LG, and the Dell as my buddies had them. If you look hard enough you'll find plenty of people who don't like a product. I'd honestly look at them in person if you can to judge for yourself. I did.
  5. ic... I want to ask one more thing

    I've been looking at the Samsung T220 right now and wow this thing seems amazing. I can get it for approx $300 but that starts to stretch my budget as you can see I'm hoping for 270 max. Do you think that this monitor is so good that it warrants the extra $30 stretch for this monitor or do you think that just the Samsung B2253W is sufficent?
  6. I have the Samsung monitor..2232BW. The backlight bleeding is bad around all egdes. It seems to be getting worse. The monitor is nice but i paid 300/tax. You can find better deals elsewhere. If I were to do it again, I would not buy this monitor.
  7. some 20" may have 1440x900 resolution. Want 1680x1050, get 22"
  8. Thanks guys.. I saw the best deal ever! Samsung T220 22" monitor @ $283.37 CAD (tax shipping included). I bought myself that instead. I think I will be satisified for a while :) Thank you for all your opinion.
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