Frame rate issues with games

Guys i've got a new pc with following config......

P4 Quad core Q6600 2.4 Ghz
Gigabyte Ga-P31-Ds3L
2GB ram (800FSB) Patriot
Xpert Vision HD 4850 512MB
250GB HDD Western DIgital
Cooler mater Cabinet Elite 330
Cooler Master 600 WT power supply

Ideally there should be fan in front of Cabinet and another at the back for proper ventilation so that cooling is good. But i only have a fan installed at the back.I'm facing Frame rate issues in many games even in old games like F1 2006 which should not be problem for card like HD 4850. While playing COD 4 frame rate also falls after playing it for 5 mins. My idle Temp of Graphic card is 46 C and while i was playing COD 4 it went to 55 C which i think is very cool for this card. And my CPU temp was also around 50 C under load and idle it was 35 C. What could be the reason for drop in frame this coz of motherboard (is P31 good mobo for gaming??)?? Or due the brand of graphic card that affects the performance (XPERT VISION). I think RAM should not be and issue. Will updating to latest drivers help?? And i'm playing these games at 1024x768 resolution thats max that my CRT monitor can support
Please help meeee
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  1. Outside shot, but check the temperatures of you north/southbridges, I`ve seen a similar problem with a 9800GTX card that partially covered a posters chipset and caused exactly the same problem (the card partially covered the `bridge and caused it to overheat).
    Try playing with the side off your case to confirm.
    And yes, your temperatures are very good.
  2. Weird... try updating drivers... but it actually sounds like something is running out of ram if it happens after you start playing and not right when you stop...

    sorry this post is kind of pointless.. but its a very strange phenomenon

    also try playing everything on low and see if it still does it... if it does its most likely a software issue and/or ram issue

    its possible your cpu is bottlenecking your gpu tremendously at such a low res... but i doubt it because it is such a low res it won't really matter
  3. Thanks for the reply guys. I've updated the drivers but the problem still persist. I tried playing it with low graphics and the frame rate appears to be a lot better then. I'll try playing with my side cover off to see if that improves something.
  4. I forgot to tell you that my PC also freezes sometimes after playing game for around 10 minutes
  5. Sounds like overheating or Bad RAM. Run memtest86 and see if you have any memory errors.
  6. seems like i've found out the solution.....a virus in my pc was causing this problem. It has been cleaned now the frame rate dropping issue is gone now.
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