Core i5 750 first itme oc

ok so i was abotu to o.c my cpu this is my first attempt at an oc on a core i5 i have only done 1 o.c before on a q6600 and i notice in the bios *** is diff to the q6600 one so i wanted to ask some questions befoe i attempt it.

firts i was looking at between 3.0-3.2ghz 3.2 max so that would be just setting it to 150mhz for 3.0 and 160mhz for 3.2( i wil be disabling turbo)

now i have forgottten the thing i need to disable speedstep or w.e i forgot what its called so id like to know that so i can disable it and is there any other things i need to disable my mob is a gigabyte p55-ud3 i forgot most of the stuff i need to turn of so if somone could tell the name sit would help so i dont disable the wrong ***.

was haveing troubler with the ram to i was setting the qpi or w/e to lowest but my ram is corsair ddr3 1333mhz now how after i o.c how do i set my ram so its 1333mhz the timings on the sticks r 9-9-9-24 i was fiddling with it for a bit i couldnt get it at 1333mhz( and if there is anything thing else i need to do with the ram}

i will not be adjsuting voltages its only a slight oc 3.0 3.2 and i shouldnt have to

again with the q6600 o.c u where advised to set the pcie frequency to 133mhz should i do the same here and set it at 100mhz as that is the max it can be set at int he bios.

if i left anything i need to do out plz let me no

my spec r 650 earth watts psu saphire 5770 antec 900 case with 4 fans so i should be abel to get the o.c i want with the hsf withotu ti getting to hot.comp is idleing at 33-36 degress atm

and if my psu can handle the o.c whilst powering antec 900`s 4 fans my vid card etc.

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  1. Start with all the voltages at default values:
    Load-Line Calibration: Disabled
    Vcore= 1.25V
    QPI/Vtt/IMC= 1.10V
    PCH= 1.05V
    PLL= 1.80V
    RAM= Specified voltage for your RAM

    Leave all the voltages except Vcore untouched and keep lowering Vcore until you get instability.

    The stock Vcore is MORE THAN ENOUGH for such a minor OC.

    Good luck!
  2. ya ok but nothing is really anwswerd i have to disable certina things in the bios and i dont remember what they r called i no one of them is speedtep but there is another thing to i forgot what it was
  3. Disable Turbo Boost, C1E, C3/C6/C7 and EIST(speedstep).

    They are mentioned TWICE in BOLD letters here:

    Read carefully!
  4. Indeed, as far as getting to your 1333, that's just a matter of changing the MEMORY multiplier in the bios, then adjusting the BCLK upward till you get to 1333. Hope this helps mate..
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