I need some urgent PC help!

So basically i bought a new case for my pc, it was a stock Emachines, i switched everything from the old case into the new one. it booted up fine then when i turned it off and tried it again i couldnt get a monitor signal to last more than a few seconds.. now ive been messing with it, i tried resseting the BIOS and now i dont get any monitor signal at all ive took it all out of the case and tried booting without it, same problem, ive also tried 2 different monitors... nothing is working, i get power but i cant see whats on the screen because there is no signal.
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  1. look at how the motherboard attaches to the tray very closely

    take note of how much room is between the motherboard and the tray

    remove the motherboard and see if anything from the bottom of the motherboard could have been making contact with the tray


    Take the memory out and put it back in

    Take out the hard drive/cdrom cables, plug them back in

    in fact check all the cables


    Did the new case come with a power supply? If it did try the old one from the old case.
  2. the same power supply in the old pc
  3. Sometime an errant pin can be grounding out on the motherboard. I would look carefully at screws and standoffs for the motherboard. Also try unplugging the reset switch (it might be bad). Quite a few little issues could be causing this strange behavior.
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