How Do i Set The Jmpers On ECS K7S5A Pro Motherboard To boot up

to get the computer to boot a fresh start and boot from the xp boot disc i change them and still it will not boot up
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  1. You set that sort of stuff in the BIOS setup, not with jumpers. Read the instruction manual for your m/b.
  2. When my k7s5a pro won't boot I reset CMOS with jumper 1 located at the end of the AGP slot near the battery. Just power off, move jumper to pins 1-2 for a minute, then put back to pins 2-3. Get the manual at ecs website for picture and better instructions. It has always worked before, I hope it works this time.
  3. It worked. Had to go through set-up again. only happens once a year, just long enough to forget how to clear the CMOS.
  4. It is time for us to build new computers though, this board is 8 years old I think.
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