Lite-On DVD Burner won't open discs

My DVD burner has been acting up since last week. It worked perfectly, then I upgraded a significant portion of my hardware (new mobo, cpu, memory, video card) and changed from XP Pro x32 to W7 Home Prem x64. The burner is the SHW-1635S.

Now, it took me forever to get Windows 7 installed because the installer would always fail when I tried to boot from the DVD. It would go through and come to a screen asking to insert a new disk with the missing drivers and would go no further. I finally got it installed by using a usb key to install the OS.

The disk drive shows up in device management and in Windows Explorer and if I insert a disc, the discinfo is displayed like it normally is, but if I right click the DVD or try to open it, then explorer will hang indefinitely. I've upgraded the firmware from the Lite-On website as well my motherboards drivers (which did not include a driver for the burner or any optical drives) and the problem still persists. I'm very confused as I've never experienced this before and haven't been able to find any answers on Google, hopefully someone here has an answer!
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    this may help -- it's for XP but there's a link to Win7
  2. I tried this, the troubleshooter wasn't very helpful as is pretty much every generic, automatic "problem fixer" included with windows :P

    This article seems to reference my problem, however, the fix does not apply as it does not pertain to my hardware (I tried it anyway and it doesn't work)
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