OC- E6300 - GA965pDS3

Hi guys my first post so hi hi :)

Ok my system. Im trying to overlock, got this guide from this lovely site however im having a few problems.


When i enable Cpu host controller the system fails to boot.
Also same with setting the to Dim muliplier 2.00.

I have added more power as said in the guide with no luck.

Another question the temps in my bios are a about 10-15c cooler than core temp and other os software is that normal ?

Thanks for Anyhelp you can offer

E6300 C2D (B2 Conroe)

GA-965P-DS3 (f14)

Corsair 4Gb Twinx 4Gb 6400 4-4-4-12

Nvidia 8800 Gts 320mb

Enermax 650w modular
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  1. ive managed to boot with using 2.50 dim dev up to 2043mhz 291.99 x 7.0 on stock volts,
    I think the plan is to work this up to ram gets maxed out at around 800mhz then drop the dim dev to 2.00 ...im hoping/guessing this should work?
  2. The discrepancy in temperature is probably because by the time you get into your bios, the CPU is cooled quite a bit (or if you do it first, it is at 0 load)
  3. Thanks for the reply, i managed to get it up to 2.6ghz with voltage increate but temps got to high. so ive gone back to stock started on my gfx and awaiting my new cpu cooler and a small 40mm for the nb.
    managed to go from 7200 3d marks to 10150. however im hoping to get alot more when i get the new cooler :)
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