You must format disk....

So I have an external HD that I keep some files on and one day I noticed it wasn't showing up in my computer, I figured that the cord fell out or something and I ignored it. Now, today I needed a file on it so I went to plug it in and I noticed it was already in, I thought thats weird so I turned it off and on. Then it showed up with the message

You need to format the disk in drive K: before you can use it

If I got to properties, it shows that it has 0 data on it but I know there are files on there. The only option it gives me is to format or cancel and cancel doesn't help and I don't want to lose my files.
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  1. Try shutting down your system, unplugging and replugging all the cables at both ends, and starting it back up again. If that doesn't work, try a different data cable.
  2. Still got the message :(
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  4. The drive is not formatted, do you want to format it now?

    It is not weird but not to format the drive. If you did reformatted the drive, there is still hope to get them back.

    Both of them might be the help.
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