Crysis&new build what am I doing wrong?

Ok for those who followed I recently built a new rig week

System build
Coolermaster 690 (with some rigs fans for now moslty older case fans)
22" samsung t220 w/s using dvi inputs
VisionTek 900241 Radeon HD 4850 512M
Thermaltake W0116RU 750W
CORSAIR 4GB (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 800 (PC2 6400)
Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 Kentsfield 2.4GHz
ASUS P5Q Pro LGA 775 Intel P45 ATX Intel Motherboard

Here's my deal I ifnally got my temps down to cpu 12c/mb 30c
I'm guessing that's decent sice it's the best I could get

I just bought and installed crysis (original),Now I don't expect to be able to play this on what ever the max settings are but shouldn't I be able to get past the parachuting and landing on the beach and moving under the cave before my system blanks out?? (is the default setting max??)
Now my temps are 43cpu and 39 mb?? Now as I side note I do have like 5 120 fans on the way but serisouly, I just dropped 70 bucks on fans on there way but is that still not goig to help me?
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  1. Is your system stable?

    Have you stress tested it with prime95 or ORTHOS?

    Maybe you got an error when you installed Crysis, if your stable try reinstalling it.
  2. Your temps are perfectly fine. They're actually pretty good.

    If Crysis is causing a crash or blank screen, you should probably start looking into downloading the Patches for Crysis itself. That game is known to tax systems and have resource hogging/stability issues at times.

    Download all the patches, update all your drivers (video card for instance), and try again. If you're running an Intel Q6600 @ 43c at load you're doing perfectly fine. Shouldn't be worried unless you start getting temps over 65c, then you'll wanna look at more cooling.

    Sounds to me more like you have a driver/software issue.
  3. It does sound like a driver issue. Very nice temps on the cpu though.
  4. I downloaed every patch before actually playing I went through that years ago when battlefield vet came out with a da* patch ever other week. so I should be covered on the crysis patch, I don't understand the demo played fine. so 44cpu and 40 mb is good?

    No espsl I haven't tested it I actually asked in another post for some suggestions on testing apps but I guess it got mixed up in other questions.

    I get a black screen and nothing response clt+ALt+DEl does nothing I've tried wiating it out ect.. have to reboot every time. I keep reading about people upping the speed on their gpu's? How what app? my ait center dela only offers diplay settings and somehting about convetting video nothing about gpu fan settings.
  5. Well I'm DL'ing another gpu driver , maybe it will fix it I'll check back in a few and let you guys know thanks for the reassurance that my temps are decent.
  6. Quick qestion prime95 says sometihng about not supporting vista? Is there a better quad core testing app for vista 64bit?
  7. Prime 95.

    If it fails even on one core your not stable. It is recommended to run prime a minimum of 8 hours.
  8. Just from my experience I deeply like ORTHOS more then prime95. Just for how simple and how good it works.

    Personal opinion.....
  9. Actually could also be a power supply issue.

    What type of power supply do you have, you probably want to check if the power is stable as well... maybe the fact that crysis is pushing your system harder means its drawing more power from the power supply since the temperature isn't really raising up that much (mine runs around 50-60c at max) Its probably not a cooling issue. It is probably an unstable component in your system, but most likely either memory or power. Maybe you need a stronger or more stable power supply...
  10. Hey here's a qucik question now I'm new to the newer stuff like I said eight years ago I knew the newest stuff. How much heat is requireed before the gpu's own fan cuts on? I have no way of monitoring the gpu's temp so I pop the case and wow this thing is hot but after a reboot, no gpu fan movement...? I have a thermaltake 750, I'm woulnd't know how to test it since it's running fine. so again when should my gpu fan cut on? I know the old ones cut on asap.
  11. Actually there's programs out there you can find to monitor your GPU temp, just google ATI tray tools.
  12. yeah sorry I just fiddle through my ati center deal and there's a overdrive? view but I'm not trying to overclock it but it currently states gpu temp115c.. yikes and no fan movement.
  13. Ok first off you can do the fan hot fix.

    For the 4000 cards the stock fan speed is 5%

    So heat builds up fast.

    Just google the fan hot fix for the 4800s and follow the steps.

    My 4870 stock speed was 5% and I upped the fan speed to 40% and now I idle at 39c and load doesnt go over 60c.

    So good luck
  14. 115c and no fan movement? Something's wrong there.
  15. yeah i kept searcihng hd4800 fan but no one states it's not moving at all.. I just switched pci-e cables to check to not sure if the entire pci-e modular section burnt out on the thermaltake or what.. I;'ll check with a DVM shortly but I'l also do the hot fix.
  16. shouldn't this thing foi like a fan check at post or boot up? I mean nothing guys.. should I RMA It? That woould suck considering just made the build and have no standby vid card.
  17. If use ATI tray tools, you can manually set the fanspeed. If you do that and the fan still doesn't run, RMA it.
  18. Well I'll download ati tools, but right nowit's hot wired, sounds lke a freaking blowdryer, but wow 39c under cyrsis load, and my cpu and mb temps are great, anyone know ho I can determine if this is a pci slot problem or gpu card problem?
  19. Some other people I know are also having fan problems with the 4870, but after setting the speed manually it's fine (try lowering the fan speed, less noise but monitor your gpu temp while you're at it).
  20. Not to be rude I totally appreciate the help, but few people have noticed that the GPU FAN WILL NOT TURN AT ALL when plugged into the gpu fan header, it's currently hotwired to work at all. Now to top i off after trying update after update I've managed to crash ATI CCC and can no longer install any versions thanks to windows anooying "ATI instal manager has stop responding".. aghhh..
  21. Try contacting visiontek's techsupport to see if the problem with the gpu fan header is the a part of a faulty product.
  22. Question, can someone suggest a a good quad core cpu temp monitor software 64bit visatmatter?? I did a search but only turns up people sing duo cores and I haven't found any talking about vista or 64 bit, my asus prob only shows me one cpu temp
  23. Have you tried either realtemp or coretemp?
  24. No, couldn't find any was looking fo some names of the programs, I'll try those thanks.
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