Do you like MSI x58 Pro-E motherboards?

Hey guys! After reading tom's reviews on sub 200$ I have a few questions for you. I was noticing he ultimately reccomended the asrock board, but having seen bad customer service in action before for other companies, I think id rather stick with a different brand. I decided upon the MSI x58 pro-e motherboard.

Has anybody had good or bad experiences with this motherboard or their company..? I plan on running SLI, not cross fire.. I also plan on trying to OC on air.

If you have experience with this board, feel free to tell me a bit about it.. anything that was difficult for you? I have build computers in the past but it has been a long time, but also having an experienced buddy come down to help me anyway so I don't stab a hole in the board :-)

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  1. Thanks for the reply.. I'm not sure where to look, but I want to make sure the company of the board I purchase will be able to support the 1366 hexacores... Be nice if they listed something about being potentially compatible in the future.
  2. msi hold the i7 975 overclock record
  3. I am debating waiting to build my PC until fermi is released, and they are thinking its going to be a long card.. is there anything on the x58 boards that might make this problematic? I'm assuming I wont be buying 2x fermi's for SLI lol...
  4. I'm currently doing a build with this board and an i7 920. I've used MSI for a good while and always happy with them. I've heard other BIOS are easier to overclock, but MSI is all I've realy ever used so I don't have a problem with it. And for the money this mobo competes with $300+ boards.
  5. Are you using it currently, or planning on using it?
  6. I currently have the board. I really like the layout. 3 PCIe slots space nicely to allow airflow, and 6 DDR3 slots for future exspansion(some x58 boards only have 3 slots). When the processor and GPU come in I'll let you know how it runs.
  7. hehe, I hope for your sanity that your mobo works since you got it before the rest of your stuff!

    I'm buying mine all in one large bulk purchase to make sure everything works..

    Assuming you have the manual to the MSI x58, do you see anything in the bios that might look like its missing for overclocking etc..?
  8. I planned out my build before ordering, just ordered things from different places because of price or availability issues... So it didn't all get here at the same time. As for the manual it appears that key frequencies, ratios, voltage levels, Vcore/Uncore, etc, etc... The only thing maybe lacking is memory timing, but there is a BIOS update available, so maybe that will grow. Again hard to tell until I can boot it. Something to note more than to actually use is some "easy OC" switch on the board that is supposed to OC the system without use the BIOS 5-30%. Think I'd rather do it myself to be safe, but who knows... It could work wonders if you want to try it.
  9. I went through the screen shots on toms sub 200$ x58 mother shoot out, and I couldn't see anything lacking.. Looks like if I stick with I7, this will be the motherboard I buy for sure!

    As to you buying in different spots, what other places are you using besides newegg..? my build will take place late january so I have plenty of time to shop :bounce:
  10. Well, for the Antec case and Western Digital HDD's I ordered from BestBuy(Got a gift card for christmas). As for the processor and GPU, I always buy them locally from this Vietnamese shop(I speak Viet, so if they burn out he lets me trade them in and he warranties the part) no down time that way, just takes longer to get them initially. I ended up getting the Corsair memory from Newegg because 6GB is enough, but if you wanted to fill out the board to 12GB it would be $200 cheaper to get 3x 4gig kits from bestbuy. Kind of stupid to sell 3 channel memory in a 2 pack, but if you 12gigs its cheaper that way lol. Sometimes Amazon can have deals on things, but it varies like my wifes moods so check them before you make a final purchase.
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