9600GT best at the price range?

Hey everyone I was very close to buying a 4850 until I found out i'm not that rich and my rig isnt that great so it might be a waste of money

Current Rig:
E6400 2.13ghz
Asus P5N-SLI Mobo
DDr2 Ram 553mhz 2gig
HEC-TD 550w psu.
Running XP
Current monitor: 19" at 1440x900 upgrading very soon to 24" at 1920x1200

Now i want to be able to play games like crysis although not necessarily at that resolution I can tone it down that is ok I wanted a card around £70 (living in the uk here) and from my research this is the best thing I could find:
XFX 9600GT:

Does this have HDCP support? and also is there anything better at that price range that would be better for me?
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  1. ive got an extra 9800GT im not using. brand new and only 1 month old. i had 2 9800GT sli in my xps 630i but changed them for a GTX 260 Core 216 and sold the other to a friend, i could sell this one to you for $85-100 if your interested. i didnt use sli in the xps at all, when i got the pc i installed GTX 260 216. so the 9800GT is brand new
  2. I'm pretty sure all modern graphics cards have HDCP support, but look it up just in case.

    I recommend you overclock that E6400 a little and maybe get some new RAM to keep up with the FSB. If you do that I don't think a 4850 would be overkill for your rig, especially at 1920x1200. Honestly though for 1920x1200 you're getting into HD4870/GTX260 territory.
  3. xxcoop thanks for the offer but i like to buy new :P and to homerdog im gonna get that monitor mostly for movies/tv for gaming i can just tone down the resolution because im gonna buy 4gb 667mhz ram (max my mobo can support) also my motherboard if u check it its not good for OC'ing and i dont wanna screw it up and end up with nothing lol. So the 9600GT+4gb ram = same price as the 4850 1gb edition or £10 more than the 512mb edition so what do u think
  4. ok no problem, just thought id run it by you.
  5. Yeah, that card should be good enough for you to play Crysis on Medium on your current monitor, but I don't know about a resolution of 1920x1200 when you upgrade your monitor. At least since you have an SLi board you can add another 9600GT latter. If you can afford to spend a little more though try and get a 9800GT.
  6. thanks all i purchased a bfg 8800 gt OC 512mb
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