Fun RPG flash game -- good for procrastinating

Fun little flash game. You enter in a name, and it makes a character with different abilities based on what you enter. You can level up in a pseudo RPG style. Kind of addicting.
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  1. Help with Procrastination – Read the Cases!
    Procrastination can be what makes the difference between a successful you and a typical you. I mean, we all have stuff to do all the time, and we do things that we hate doing and sometimes we delay the things that we truly dislike hoping that they will take care by themselves. The thing is, once this happens with just about everything in your life, you should really start worrying since procrastination may be knocking on your door. Procrastination is what makes life stressful and annoying, it what takes your free time away, and sends your opportunities out the door. Now you understand why it is so important to stop procrastination at once. Since procrastination presents itself in numerous forms, within this article we shall discuss about some of the most common types of procrastination, and how to overcome them. However, before we start, understand that in order to stop procrastination you have to really want to get ahead, you should want to really have your life organized in a way that will allow you to do the things you need to do and want to do.
    • Dealing with the little things
    In order to stop procrastination you have to understand why the little things should be dealt with at the appropriate time. You see, often when we have a huge project, we only take care of that and forget the little chores. The unfortunate part is that even if we forget about them, we still have to do them at one point or another - meaning that these will remain similar to some little irritants that will constantly prick on you. Soon, the little thing you delayed doing in the first place will increase your stress levels, will become bigger than it was due to the short time span remaining, not to mention the rest of the side effects such as goofing off on your big project and so on. The truth is, as soon as you start working on that little thing you realize it was not was bad as you thought it was in the first place. The easy solution for this case is never to leave the little things behind – in order to stop procrastination, it is easier to do the little things before you start the huge project, because after you actually finish them, you can take of whatever is important for you in peace and quiet.
    Another way to stop procrastination with these types of situations is by adopting the “Do It Now!” habit – doing it right will add to a sense of righteousness, not to mention that it will improve your morale along the way. Oppressive, useless weight will be lifted from your shoulders, and you will finally be able to focus on the really important things in your life.
    I will suggest you really good site which will really boost your self to overcome so called Procrastination
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