Help selecting new Moniter

My old moniter recently died.
17 inch no name.
Worked well for 6 years or so.
Now is the time to buy a new moniter.
I was looking at 19 inch crts.
But I need your help as to which one to buy.
My budget is around 250-350.
And its mainly for gaming. Sometimes typing alot also.
So which would you guys recommend for me.

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  1. well, do i have good news for you. i would definately recommend you getting the NEC FE900+ monitor. it is from one of the most respected visual displays company. This monitor is a flat screen (crt) monitor, at 19". price wise, i am assuming that you stated your budget in american dollars. so, this monitor would be around $275 USD. This would be a great investment. Samsung is good, but NEC is definately better. this has amazing colour and contrast, and is definately a good investment whether you are a graphics artist (like me) or a profeccient gamer.

    technical specs:

    dot pitch: .23mm
    max res: 1600x1200
    on-screen display (OSD)
    great monitor!

    go for the 900+, the 950+ might be out of you budget.

    model #: NEC MultiSync FE900+

    have fun

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  2. Well I already got a differenment moniter because I figured no one would post. But what do you think about Viewsonic
    GS790 it was rated #1 by a few sites including
    It was about the same price and specs where about the same.
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