Intel Q9400 or the Q9550 for Gaming

Hi I'm getting a gaming computer built and have almost everything worked out. I can't decide on the processor though. At first I thought a Intel Duo E8400 would be fine but after looking at the latest req. ie gta4 and reading forums it seems that quad would be the best bet. But now I'm also thinking if I should get the Q9400 or the Q9550. Besides the roughly 200 mhz difference there is also 2x the cache? does this make a huge difference when it comes to gaming?

Any insight would be great.
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  1. Q6600?
  2. +1 for q6600

    good cooling = easy 3.3 ghz

    in my old antec 900 with stock cooling i had it at 3.2ghz and under prime 95 never saw past 50°F
  3. what mobo?

    you want 3.6ghz as that can be had with a q6600 and just about any intel mobo

    you want higher mutliper with nvidia

    3.3ghz? 3.6 was 1.5 years ago>?

    what is interesting, i am getting off the point - while the last core 2 ran at 4.4-4.6ghz once again the 4.1ghz level is hard to pass for the new i7 965

    3.6ghz 95% of intel mobos will hit at fsb 380-400
  4. I'm not planning to oc this. I just wanted to know out of the two that I was deciding on which would be best for gaming.
  5. The typical answer you'll get here is that for gaming, the E8400 would beat both. But since you say the GTA forums recommend Quad core, maybe they'll know better.

    The 2x cache will help in games and the extra 200mhz won't hurt. You probably won't see much of a difference. You may want to get the Q9400 and use the excess cash on a better GPU.

    Also may want to look into a i7 920 if you want a really fast CPU. The processor isn't too much more, but the mobo and RAM are.
  6. Already chose a xfx 260 black edition for the graphics card i'm set graphics wise =D but I'm still confused alot with the cpu and motherboard though. Consoles are so much easier =/
  7. Get a Q9550, I have one you can't go wrong. Moved from a E6320 @3.3Ghz because I bought GTA IV! Now you should get a E0 stepping chip wherever you buy and they run nice and cool and o/c well. I run mine at a modest 3.4Ghz and it does the job in everything!
    Crysis, Far Cry 2, Hells Highway, all saw a noteable improvement, and of course GTA IV is now playable!
    I'm not sure why this dragon-dude keeps banging on about Q6600 at 3.6!? 8Mb cache vs 12Mb, hot 65nm vs cool 45nm, o/c to 3.6 if you're lucky vs possible 4Ghz on just good air!
    It's a no brainer imo. If you have the cash get the Q9550 (and 4Gb RAM for GTA IV)
  8. I'm making sure to get 4 gb but maybe gta4 is a anomaly and the next games that come out will still be going the trend of recommending a duo...atleast for awhile.
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