Need a new GPU! any ideas?

Hi. I need a new GPu for my computer. Last week i orderd the powercolor HD 4870 1gb verson, but the noise from the fan drove me crazy, even with the new fan controller in CCC. So now i am looking for a new card. Until now I have been a Nvidia fan, but i tried the 4870 to give it a go.
So what should I Buy next? Btw using the card for Gaming and HD and Photoshop
My hardware is :
4GB Ram
Ga-P35-DQ6 M.B
20 " screen with 1680 * 1050 (getting a new 24 soon 1900*1200 res)
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  1. try the gtx260 its pretty quite if you leave the stock settings on the card but if you tend to overclock expect alot of sound.
  2. Get a better after market cooler for the 4870 and you are set.
  3. hmmm, how would it be with 2 4850 in crossfire?
  4. ^It should be better than 4870 but do you have the power to run it (ie PSU)? Also what games do you play that will benefit from CrossFire?
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