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Hello everyone,

I have decided to upgrade my RAM (currently I have 3Gb: 1Gbx2 OCZ PC2-6400 + 2x512 GEIL PC2-6400), so I bought 1Gbx2 Geil PC2-6400 to replace my 2x512mb Geil.

The problem is that every time I install the 2 extra gigs of ram my motherboard seems to stop working, when I start my computer it gets stuck at this point:

Memory Testing: 20XXXXXXXXXXXX OK

It won't show me the HDD's I have got installed or anything, it simply gets stuck there.
I was wondering that maybe the problem lies in the fact that my MoBo is kinda old (P31-DS3L Rev A2 Version F1).

So my question is: Can I do something about that? Is replacing the mobo the only way of fixing it? Would a bios update (which I'm not pretty familiar with) solve the problem?

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  1. Have you tested the ram sticks individually in the system to make sure that there is definetly no fault with the sticks?
  2. Yeah, I tested the (1Gb) Geils separately, together with the OCZ (therefore running in Single Channel) and I could start windows.
  3. Like the previous post says, make sure all the stick work first of all.

    A BIOS update "may" sort it, best to have a look on your mobo manufacturers website. What is then maximum ammount of ram your mobo can take?
  4. Well you aren't really helping by asking ME how much it can take. I've read it can take up to 4Gb, but I'm asking for advise just in case.
  5. The reason I'm asking for help is because it's stated that it can take up to 4Gb (altho theres some notes on slot "population" i don't quite understand). Had I read it can only take up 3Gb I wouldn't even have bothered to make a new thread.
  6. After a quick google search - google is yur friend!

    I found some mention of that motherboard having issues with running 4 sticks of double sided memory, could this be your case as well?
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