agp graphics card 8pin power connector??

So I am going to upgrade my crappy hp agp geforce graphics card to a new one:

I know I have to upgrade the power supply to about 500 watts to be safe. But the video card calls for an 8 pin power connector? Is that just a PCIe 6+2? or what? I'm confused!

Please help.

Also, any suggestions for a cheap psu would be great. I think I need a 20+4. THANKS!
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  1. Yes, it's a 6+2 pin PCIe plug

    4 ones that will work, check prices and shipping costs.

    I included the 600w and 650w since their price is so close to the 500w ones, that it might make sense to go with the higher watt ones if you may use it for a new build in the future.

    *EDIT* alternate choice is to get the Antec 500 Basiq and use the 2 molex to 8 pin PCIe adapter included with the graphic card.
  2. why should I use the altnerate choice of the antex 500 psu? and not the one above?
  3. Only price. If it was my system and i was buying a power supply for it, i would buy the Antec EA 650. The prices are close enough that the extra $$ aren't a big factor and i would use the power supply in the future when i upgraded my system or built a new one. You may have different priorities though. Here's a review of the EA650
    Here's a review of the OCZ 600 StealthStream
  4. Since I have an older mobo (5years) I need the 4 pin peripherals. Whats the deal with SATA? will those work with my mobo?
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