Asus 5750 Maxed out in Overdrive What now?

My asus eah5750 is overclocked to the limit of ATI Overdrive and its still never above 70C using 3DMark06 and Crysis as a Bench. So my question is I want to keep going what do I use? Please note: ATI Tray Tools crashes my pc, Riva Tuner and ATI tools don't seem to support overclocking my gpu, and the Asus Smart Doctor that came with the card doesn't go any higher than Catalyst. I don't want to overclock it in the bios because that will make it run at those speeds all the time where as catayst runs the gpu at lower clocks until its needed right?
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  1. i Know it's not good, but software wise pretty much nothing for the time being, but Riva Tuner / ATI tools should get better soon and start addressing these GPUs. Alteratively, there are codes (basically memory addresses) for use in ATI tools which help to support different GPUs. You could try looking for those on google and you may have some luck.
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