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My control pod on my logitech Z-5500 speakers went faulty and thus with logitechs warranty they send you a full replacement speaker set and you need to send the faulty pod back.

I have seen with the Z-680 and the Z-5500 people who decided that they would try out splitting the control pod to control both subs and thus end up with a 10 speaker 2 sub setup, apparently sounds great. However...

Voltage is supplied to the control pod via the sub, if you use a splitter and connect it then you are having double voltage sources, am I going to sit with 9v * 2 or 18v * 2 (18v is how much is normally supplied to it). Its basically parallel or series, blowing up a pod isnt on my priority list :D

The splitter is simply comprised of a male DB-15 connector to two female DB-15 connectors, without any crossover of cables inside.

I would greatly appreciate any feedback by anyone who has done this or knows how I can figure out the voltage problem.

Thanks in advance
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  1. I made a splitter that is wired in parallel. I was also extremely worried about a voltage problem also since the sub powers the control pod.
    So I spent 3 hours soldering up this splitter and I hooked it up and to my surprise the control pod didn't blow up. I have been using the splitter for over 6 months now even playing at extremely high volumes (boost 11) and have had no issues at all. I'm guessing the control pod has some type of regulator to keep the voltage constant.

    Here is a video I made of it.

    I used 2 15 pin female d-sub connectors and 1 15 pin male d-sub along with a lot of wire and a lot of soldering. I believe I tinned/soldered 135 contacts and i used about 60 feet of 22 gauge wire.

    Now here is where the weird part comes in. I believe the control pod is sort of paired up with the sub somehow, so a new control pod will not work properly with an old sub due to the changes that were made with the system. I do not know exactly what they changed I just know there is a problem. The system works fine (comes out of both sets) in analog input such as stereo 1, 2, or 3 but when I switch to a digital input such as PLII movie or music then only the new system plays. For me this is perfect because I used the PLII movie for movies and stereo x 2 for music and I wanted sound coming from everywhere for music but not for movies since that isn't what surround sound is.
  2. I just called my local cabling shop and told them to make a 1 male to two female DB15 straight through cable and it worked 100%.
  3. Since I cant seem to edit my post I am going to have to double post.

    Edit: I actually came up with the solution a few days after I posted, after testing it I found that whilst the double setup did give more "Punch" the fidelity wasnt as good no matter what adjusting I did it just didnt feel right so I am using 1 set.

    Thanks a lot for replying to such an old post though.
  4. I have a possible solution. Buy splitters for the 1/8" cables and connect both pods to the splitters. That way you don't have to worry about soldering, messing with electronics or anything. It's a theory though...I'm getting my replacement speakers and pod here soon. It SHOULD work, being as you can plug two sets of headphones to a splitter on an iPod.
  5. hi
    I'm also having the same problem ... I have two logitech z-5500 system and a control pod ... I liked that show pictures of the cables and wiring diagrams of the wires ... to do the same ... not the problems of burning the control pod !?... imagine the amount of bass with two sub: P. .. thanks await a response ... excuse my english I'm from another nationality Portuguese ... :P
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