Can I set my IDE drive as slave if I'm using an IDE to SATA converter?

I just got a new system, and the mobo has no IDE ports - only SATA. I have been reading about the IDE to SATA converters, and I keep seeing one statement being made pretty consistently: The IDE hard drive has to be set to master. I want my IDE hard drive to be the slave. Any thoughts on this? Product recommendations? I'm also wanting to use the converter for an IDE DVD-R drive, but the master/slave issue doesn't apply.

Thank you!
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  1. The question is, what will setting the IDE drive to slave accomplish?

    Do you mean, that there is a SATA drive that you want to remain the boot drive, and the IDE-converted-to-SATA to be a secondary drive? I believe you control the boot order through bios, not from the old way of master/slave.

    Master/slave is irrelevant w/SATA because each device has its own channel.
  2. OK, that's what I needed to know. The OS is on my SATA drive, and the IDE will just be used for storage. This is my first SATA drive/system, so I'm clueless, but wanting to learn. So, my IDE drive should be set to master for the converter to work, and I just set my boot order in BIOS. That's simple enough. Thanks!
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