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Hey guys, so I need to some help. I have never O/C in my life but I bought a Radeon 4770 and also will be purchasing a Corsair 400W to run my system with the new performance card. I need to O/C my CPU for proper high quality graphics and performance. I have an Intel E2180 Dual Core 2.0GHz, and want to get it to at least 2.7GHz. The problem is that my over clocking manager (nTune) does not let me change my CPU voltage. If I change my GHz from 2.0GHz to 2.7GHz will I even need to change volts? The corsair is supposed to do a great job with whatever that voltage amperage stuff is. xTreme Power Supply Calculator says my CPU runs on 1.25 Vcore (V). Will this be enough for the over clock, and remember how well the Corsair does so maybe it would work? People online say the E2180 does an excellent job of O/C and would need none or maybe a tiny push of voltage if O/C to 3.0GHz. The calculator states I need a 285W WITH the O/C factored in so the 400W would be enough, but since the nTune control panel does not let me change voltage I don't know. I am going to update my BIOS when I get home (in a couple weeks) and maybe the BIOS will let me do this or give more capability to the nTune manager.
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  1. Yes, you should do all overclocking of the CPU from the BIOS.

    It would probably be a good idea to read this guide to overclocking C2Ds and C2Qs as well
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