Crysis Warhead Graphics Errors

Just got Crysis Warhead last night, was looking forward to playing it buuuuut ... from the very first cut scene, of course the first bit of real-time rendering everything goes bad.

Whilst the performance is fine, (I can run it smooth at Enthusiast settings with 2x AA), I get some crazy artifacting, mostly in the form of huge triangular tears of single coloured graphics, shooting out from anything and everything in the game that moves, mostly characters, weapons, vehicles and other objects. Sorry I can't get a screenshot (tried but the entire rendered area just came out black) but believe me it makes an otherwise good looking game make you want to turn away. This is just a random screenshot i found by googling my problem, not sure what or who's it is, however it does seem to have a similar problem indeed.

My setup is essentially as follows:

AMD Phenom 9550 Quad-Core Processor 2.2Ghz.
HIS Radeon 4870HD 512Mb (with the latest 8.9 official ATI drivers)
320Gb WD HDD
550W Antec PSU

I had a problem that looked exactly the same once. It was due to me not having a big enough PSU, to power my awesomely awesome Nvidia AGP 6600GT. Got the exact same image tearing that I am now, so it makes me wonder if it is power.

It is not heat, I have a well cooled system, and even though the 4870's are renowned for having a high temperature it has never caused a problem in a game before ... that is - except for the original Crysis SP Demo where I had the same thing as I do now(Crysis the full version itself was fine, go figure).

And although it is possible that the new drivers out may not be the best for Crysis, I did a search and found no one else with the same prob.

Lastly, I will just mention that I use my computer regularly and play a range of games from other FPS's (CS:S, TF2, FEAR) to RTS's (AOE3, C&C3, CIV4), and none of them have ever given me any grief.

I was hoping somebody could please give me some advice? I'm not sure what to do, and whilst a new PSU seems like the best option to me, I dont have the money at the moment, so if there is a better alternative, I would be extremely happy.

Thanks for the help. ;)
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  1. Have you tried older catalyst drivers, I've heard 8.4 are quite stable.
  2. Well in some scenes i have the same problem (8800gts ... 177.92) but just with some kind of bushes... i think i just drivers optimization ... i prefer to play it in xp cause vista have a mayor issue (stops every 2 seconds and then resume ) i think the optimization is better appreciated in xp rather than vist... try xp in you have
    Rendering problems with the other drivers=(...
  3. i have that same problem "ooo" but it occurs on xp cas thats what my os

    my setup is

    amd athlon x2 5200+
    2gb ddr2 800mhz kingston ram
    xfx 9800gtx+ (with latest nvidia driver)
    wd caviar 250gb hdd
    corsair tx-650 psu

    i can run everything on enthusiast with no AA at 1280x1024 and i get about 35fps, but for some reason when i look somewhere new (eg new hill) the game stops for 2 seconds, then starts again. this happens frequently. sometimes this is so bad the game crashes.

    if i run everything at enthusiast except for textures and shadows which is at mainstream and objects at gamer, running at 1280x1024, that problem is almost gone. (btw this is the best setting for those that cant run everything at high, it looks pretty damn good, if u want, put objects up to enthusiast though.
  4. In my experiance a lot of these type problems just stem from users trying to push the system too hard. In the origonal Crysis i had settings i could play at with no issues at all, but add an extra X2 AA and all hell would break loose with issues just like you guys are reporting. Its only ever happened to me in Crysis so it could be down to the games coding an dit looks like Warhead is going to be the same.

    Mactronix :)
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