How to fix dvd drivers

I have an HP laptop computer dv6910us. For some reason, the computer can not read the dvd that come with the laptop.

I had try to use regedit to eliminate upper and lower limit, but still does not work.

I had tried to take the dvd out with hoping pnp will kicking in when I install back but it does not.

I am stuck. What should I do?
Everytime I put a cd or dvd, the device is reading it and the light blinking but then stop and I can not locate the dvd drive when I click on computer.

Please help. I am using Window VISTA.
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  1. Does it show in the bios?
    Try updating the firmware of the drive.
    Try RMAing the drive to HP.
  2. You say you can't read a specific DVD; i'm asssuming that means other DVD's work without problems? If so, you just have scratches/damage on your DVD and its not a hardware problem at all.

    Try downloading drivers from the web, and try not to buy any OEM computer in the future (meaning Dell/HP/etc).
  3. How can I get into the BIOS?

    How to RMA ing?

  4. Thanks for EVONGUG,

    How can I access the BIOS?

    I owned this laptop about 1 yr, and exactly the dvd playing dead.

    So I guess I am out of luck if you mean RMA = Return Manuf. author?
  5. To: SUB MESA,

    Thanks for help.

    I meant I can not read any DVD at all. The DVD missing from "My Computer" list. Right now I have only 1 hard disk with 2 partition ( C: and D:) only. Usually I will have E: drive for my DVD, now it's gone.

    I search on google, yahoo etc; many people experience the same problem, but the solution very varies and no certainty. By the way, I have Itune for my Iphone on this laptop and recently I just up grade to the newest version of itune 9.?.?. I check their website, they also directing to Microsoft for the solution to eliminate upper and lower register using regedit.

    But I fixed it and only one time and then the E: drive or DVD drive is gone again.

  6. Download and burn an Ubuntu cd on another computer, boot your laptop with it and see if it can access the CD/DVD drive via Ubuntu. If that works, you have a Windows-specific problem and your DVD player works fine.

    If it doesn't work in Ubuntu also, the DVD drive is dead or improperly connected. You should buy a replacement (50 euro). RMA means you send it back to the factory for warranty/replacement.
  7. to : Sub Mesa,

    What is ubuntu? How can I get it?

    Thanks again for your help.
  8. Thanks for all the help.

    Exhausted all way but still can not recover or id the DVD drive and the webcam.

    I rma to HP. Hopefully, they fix it free.

    Thanks all.
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