How often do you upgrade your GPU?

I was just wondering how often yall enthusiasts upgrade your stuff?

I'm thinking once every year and a half for me, but If I don't upgrade my monitor, and if I stay happy with 4xAA... I'll probably even wait over 2 years to upgrade.
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  1. I upgrade every ~6-12 months, or when a major release comes out that actually makes a difference compared to previous cards.
  2. 2 years. I went from ATI to Nvidia due to Linux.
  3. I would say every 1,5 years but it all dpeends on what games are realeased.
  4. when price is comparable to a giant leap in performance.
  5. 2 - 3 years.

    Still using my X1900XT 512MB since August 2006.

    Before that I was using the 9800Pro from 2003.

    Probably wait until next gen cards before upgrading, unless I get poor performance in Fallout 3 with my X1900XT @ 1920 x 1200.
  6. I've been using a 6800GT since... um 2004? maybe 2005. I forget. Anyway, before that I had an ATI 9700pro.

    I'm due for an upgrade this month.
  7. Im still using the video card from my very first build from more than a year ago. And even though it has drastically dropped in price in the last 3-4 months im still pretty satisfied that it can decently run my games at 1920x1200 @ high settings. Though with its more competitive price point have been eying the GTX 280. Or I might just wait for the GTX 200b revisions, whenever those are coming out.
  8. Every 18 months to 2 years. It's really not about having the latest or greatest for me. I just upgrade whenever I get a new game that doesn't look or perform as well as I'd like it to.
  9. 2600xt for 2 years!!!!!!!!!!!! FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. I go for a new one every 6-year. My 1st build have a 9600XT AIW back in 2004, but that card got unstable after about a year so I grabed a x1600 AGP for my p4 build.

    My new build a made back in march had a 3870 back that card couldnt keep up at 1920x1200 so last month i got a 4870...MAX ALL GAMES NOW AT 1920x1200 (But not cyrsis :( )

    That should last me till july or so I think.
  11. I Build a new computer every year. New everything hard drives are the only thing that get a new home in an External Drive Enclosure i then take the Smallest hard drive from 10 Builds ago and put that hard drive in the Case Put windows back on it and but it on Ebay usually Sink in about 3K in a build every year and get back 1.5k a year after and that goes to my New build fund
  12. I upgrade every 2 years. I did buy a new computer but it's a temporary solution while I save up for 32nm. Sometimes I upgrade one component before that such as getting a better overclocking CPU
  13. So far i have upgraded within 4-5 months. I plan to upgrade my 8800GS to a nice gtx260 within the next month. I believe that will make my 8800GS life around 4.5 months. So yeah, after that i might start holding off.
  14. When performance can be doubled. For example going back over my last few, 4870x2-8800gtx-850xt.

    I never understand when I read in these forums some peoples upgrade paths where real money is spent for incremental performance increases.
  15. I would also have to say that I upgrade or change my Video cards every 3-6 months depending on what is released.

    I can't stand being behind. I don't want to be highend most of the time, but have just enough to have the highend compared to mine:P If that makes any sense @ all!
  16. jaguarskx said:
    2 - 3 years.

    Still using my X1900XT 512MB since August 2006.

    Before that I was using the 9800Pro from 2003.

    Probably wait until next gen cards before upgrading, unless I get poor performance in Fallout 3 with my X1900XT @ 1920 x 1200.

    I went from a 8500 to a 9800 pro to a 8800GT :kaola:

    I'm pretty sure I stretched the 8500 almost four years w/ +2100, the 9800 three years w/+3400 and now had the 8800GT since last November w/ E2180 @ 2.9Ghz.
  17. I think 30-40% increase is enough to intrigue me.

    It definitely depends on the $, though.

    I spent $50 to go from a 7600 GT to a 7800 GT because of the 25% or so increase in performance (and because the 7600 GT has problems at 1680x1050); it was money very well spent.

    The 7800 GT is still my "emergency" card.
  18. I tend to upgrade at the start of the next generation to the old generation, sans this generation..

    Went from Rage II to ATI Radeon 7600 LE PCI to Nvidia Geforce 3, From Geforce 3(the orig plain version) to Geforce 4 Ti 400. From Geforce 4 Ti 400 to Geforce FX5950. From FX5950 to Geforce 6800. From 6800 to Geforce 7900 GSKO, and now I'm happy on my Radeon 4850 (main system) and Radeon 4670 (secondary system both same specs sans video card)
  19. ha ha, someone that actually bought a fx5950
  20. What was so wrong with a FX5950? :P It was a upgrade from my then Ti 400 :P
  21. i only upgrade when performance will double.
    i upgraded from 6600GT to 8600GT (it doubled) but now i really need new gpu, because the 8600gt is getting broken. BUT a P4 isn't good enough :p

    a change every 1-1,5 yea. 2 generations waiting.
  22. Quote:

    how jaguarskx can mange on one 1900xt i don't now, i struggled by using 2 before i upgraded.

    Not a hardcore gamer and still using Win XP.

    Crysis runs pretty well with medium graphics @ 1920 x 1200. I don't notice any frame drops until the final battle.

    When playing shooters like Crysis, my style of gameplay is usually sneaking around and picking off my enemies one by one if possible. I use cloaking as much as possible.

    Probably developed that style while playing the Hitman series to get the "Silent Assassin" rank so typically that involves lots of sneaking around and shooting as little as possible; the intended target only unless the mission requires you have to kill others to get to your target. In fact, I prefer to strangle my target.

    I also play strategy games like Galactic Civilization II which does not require a powerful GPU.
  23. Thanks for the life story:P

    I like ur choice in sound cards though, I use to dream of having an Audigy card, but the dream fell.

    To me if its Video vs Sound, I go for med sound and High end video. But As games become more complex, sound quality is becoming more and more important to me.
  24. magicbullet said:
    2600xt for 2 years!!!!!!!!!!!! FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    release date 5/14/07
  25. lol owned.

    7.5 months off from 2 years:P
  26. It really depends on how big the improvements are to me.
    I'll upgrade as frequently as possible if there is a compelling reason.
    My 8800s lasted almost a year, now I have a single 4870 but I think I'm going to get an X2 and crossfire them.
  27. I usualy go 6 months to a year. My first PC was a Gateway that had a MX440 in it in at umm...Christmas 2004.

    About 10 months later in August 2005 I got an ATI 9600

    Then a 7600GS 11 months later in 2006 when I built my first system on my own

    Then a 7900GS 5 months later in December 2006 (huge upgrade...I know...)

    After the 7900GS I got a 8600GTS which was another huge mistake, then I got rid of that and got a 2900XT which was another....huge mistake, both of those within 4 months. After owning that for about 6 months I sold the entire system and went to a micro-atx build which had a 2600XT in it, this was mid 2007 I believe.

    My lust for power soon returned and I build my Core 2 Quad system (current) with a 8800GT which I snagged as soon as they hit Newegg, which I kept until my 4870 which I snagged from FXVideoCards on release day.

    I blew alot of money on useless, stupid, and questionable upgrades a few years ago. But now that im older and have a serious job its time to get back to reality. This 4870 needs to last me for a few years.
  28. I would say when u were younger it was a laps in judgment not a mistake, if you did again now that you realized it, then it would be a mistake:)
  29. 2002 - GeForce2 MX 400
    2003 - Radeon 9100
    2004 - GeForce FX 5200
    2005 - Radeon X1300 Pro
    2007 - GeForce 8800GTS (G92)
    2008 - GeForce 9800X2 (Used within 90 days for EVGA step up)
    2008 - GeForce GTX280

    I only paid $100 for the 280, so I figured "Why not" and keep up with current tech a little longer, get rid of that 2x256 bit memory interface limit and the 512meg RAM limit.
  30. my friend paid 60$ to step up to an 280 GTX OC2 from a BFG 9800 GX2, including shipping lol. These step up programs are awesome!

    for me its ( what I remember off the top of my head)

    Voodoo 3

    Nvidia TNT 2

    Geforce MX 2

    9500 Pro (soft modded to 9700 Pro)

    Radeon 9800 XT

    X800 XL + X600 XT

    X1900 AIW

    X1950 XTX

    2900 XT

    8800 GTS 320 x's 2

    9600 GT x's 2

    9800 GX2

    9800 GX2 quad

    260 GTX tri (took it back to futureshop, which is basically Bestbuy)

    280 GTX tri + 4870 X2 + 4850( which I don't use now I might just ebay it)
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