Static with onboard audio

I just bought a new pair of headphones, and I can't stand using them with my pc because of all the interference. I didn't notice it with my speakers, but when I turn them up real loud I can hear it.

The hissing gets worse when I play videos, run games, or even move the mouse. I've tried what I can think of, and nothing works.

Would a sound card get rid of the interference? And if it would could you recommend an inexpensive one? I don't really care if there is an increase in sound quality over my onboard SoundMAX audio.

Just in case it matters, my PC specs are:
Q6600 (stock)
P5K Deluxe
Corsair 620hx (I've heard that the PSU could possibly be the problem, but I don't have another one I can try)

Windows XP SP3
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  1. Update drivers...

    If its interference then a dedicated card will likely not help... How have you heard the PSU could be the problem???
  2. I'm not entirely sure where I heard about the PSU, just through some google searches.

    I've tried updating my drivers but I keep getting the same "Driver not found! Reboot you system and run this setup again." when I try to install.
  3. Boot into safe mode and completely uninstall the driver from there... then when it detects it on startup point it to the new driver.

    A review over on Jonnyguru points to the Antec Trio 650w putting out interference at higher power levels. The only reason i ask is i recently went from the Trio 650w to a Corsair 620w to attempt to resolve an issue i had with my sound also, so if you have a link it would be appreciated.
  4. Ok, I got the new drivers installed and the static remains.

    I didn't mean to say that the Corsair PSU was a problem, just that a power supplies have been known to cause interference.
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