Help overclocking my xfx 750i - e6550

I need help, I have tried so many different settings to try and reach a stable overclock past 2.5ghz, I have read up and research through so many forums and help pages that I have reached the stage where I just need to ask for help now!
So far I have tried up to about 3.2ghz, and altering voltages of cpu, core ,ram, north and south bridge and have not managed to get past 2.5 ghz without freezing on or after post! I have spent so much time reseting cmos and trying different configurations to no avail!
I also have disabled all the cpu features!
If anybody could give me some advice or settings to try I really would be gratefull
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  1. increase fsb 10 at a time booting into windows every time after the fsb increased. If it crashes in windows, lower fsb by 1 until it doesn't crash anymore. Run occt for 30 min. If it isn't stable, increase voltage up a notch until is stable for 30. If it is stable, try running for 2 hours. For memory, keep it at the rated specs. For northbridge, I believe you just increase voltage to about 1.325
  2. Thanks! I am in the process of following your advice and I have succesfully oc'd up to 2.7ghz and am about to run occt for the 1st time as I just had a crash so have up'd the voltage to see what happens! Thanks again for your reply, I am fairly new to overclocking, I plan to upgrade my cpu in the new year so thought I push my cpu a bit, with a new quad in mind!
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