Whats better? External or Internal?

So guys what do you think is better? Having a big HDD but a small/no external hard drive(i.e. 1 or 2 1TB/750Gb HDD and 1 8Gb flash drive/burnt CD/DVDs)? Or having a small HDD and putting everything onto yourexternal hard drive (i.e. 1TB External drive and a 60Gb HDD)? Or do you just leave the external factor out completely.
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  1. If you just plan to use a desktop machine, there is NO reason for putting significant HDD resources outside the box. Use internals. BUT if you plan to heed all the good advice and create / use a good backup system, an external drive is a great pieve of hardware for that. It also can be useful as a means of carrying a LOT of data between locations if you need that for some reason.

    Few connections between a computer and an external drive are as fast as the internal SATA system. So for simple operations, internal drives with SATA connections are faster and much simpler, and cheaper.
  2. My advice is the same as Paperdocs - only use external drives if you have a need to physically remove the drive from the machine. Backups are a classic example of that.
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