GeForce 9600 GSO vs. 8600 GTS????

So I am looking at this:

EVGA 384-P3-N966-TR GeForce 9600 GSO 384MB 192-bit GDDR3

OR this


So I AM going to buy one of the above listed for a budget build, which is better?

Also I have this already.


I was planning to use the GTS for my personal PC and one of the other for the budget build.

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  1. The 9600GSO is MUCH better. I have that exact same card. It scores 12000 in 3dmark06 when overclocked with my e7200 also at 3.7Ghz.
  2. Yep the 9600 is the better card easily

  3. is the 9600 Better than Both cards, including the MSI NX8600GTS OC?
  4. the 9600 GSO for $50 just seems so inexpensive?
  5. I wouldnt even look at the 8600..
  6. coryburgess said:
    the 9600 GSO for $50 just seems so inexpensive?

    I'll sell you mine for $100 if it'll make you feel better. :D
  7. lol!!
  8. The 9600GSO is a cut-down 8800GT/GTS. It is so much better (both in performance and value for money) that you shouldn't put it and the 8600GTS in the same post. Put the 8600GTS in the budget rig, and keep the 9600GSO for yourself.
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