where could i find dx11 or dx10.2 info????

heard that ATI next gen card will equip with the next DX. I know that it should come out in q1 or will in to q2 of next year.
I like to know more about the new DX and what are the differences over dx10.1?
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  1. google it, you lazy bum!!
  2. The big difference is Direct X is finally catching up with the Xbox 360 - ie it's going to use tessellation hardware
  3. Not read it myself yet (skimmed it looks good) http://www.bit-tech.net/bits/2008/09/17/directx-11-a-look-at-what-s-coming/1

    Mactronix :)
  4. thanks mactronix,

    Blashyrkh not so much.
  5. This sucks I want ray tracing
  6. We wont get true Ray Tracing for a few years yet, Its not technically Ray Tracing anyway but i cant remember what its properly called. Anyway the first Ray Tracing GPU's or GPGPU'S will be hybrid Rasterisation and Tracing mixed.

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