help me please with my radeon 4650

Hello, I am running a radeon 4650 in my inspiron 531s. I have read about atleast 50 people running this card in Slim line pcs with 180watt psu's to 250 watt psus all running completely fine. When I put this card in and ran some games I was shocked at how amazing it is compared to my radeon 2400hd that came with my slim line pc. after a hour or so of gaming I would get the blue screen and I was really worried because everyone else never got that screen, I have a few questions here. I had all my usb slots filled with things, 2 mybook external hard drives, a webcam, g35 logitech headset and 2 mice, one wireless one wired. I unplugged my hard drives. Do you think this would help the situation with my psu being lower wattage? Also is there a way I can underclock this card so it would be better for my psu?? I used ati overdrive but games run just the same no matter how low I underclock it. Is it just ati overdrive software not working correctly ? if so what other program can I use to underclock it so it doesnt use as much power.

One more thing, do how much wattage do external hard drives use? usb 2.0 500 gig mybooks.

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  1. how about trying to play with the side panel off might be heat related inside the case
    if your still thinking of getting a powersupply saint19 wrote 100% sure, the problem in this case is your case, is a "mini-atx case" , so your PSU must be something like this does your psu look like this shape or MicroATX size
  2. I am pretty sure its not the heating problem, I keep a good eye on it, its like 55º idle 65 tops in use and I do keep the case open. it seems to be running better now that i unplugged my 2 external hard drives. I want to buy a New psu right now but i dont have a credit card, I will need to buy it from a store like or somewhere else. I just want to make sure that I order the right psu.

    I dont mind having a psu that wont fit ill leave it outside of the case until I get a new case for it all
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    oh good glad to hear its running better just an idea on the heat 55cel idle seems hot 30 something low 40's tops
    if you not sure about heatsinks and thermal paste better leave it
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