Need help setting mem timings

ok i have 4 stick oczz2vu8002gk dual channel ram and vist32 sees only 3.25 that i can live with but i called support and they say i have to up the voltage and relax the timings.what do i set these too?any ideas?the mem is 5,5,5,15 and 1.8v default timing and congirmed on the mem chips also.
amd64 x2 5000
ecs nforce9ma v1.0
sapphire radeon 4830 vvid
samsung spinpoint 500g
creative soundbalster audigy 2 platinum
maybe link this i dont know but i with the vid card seems i cannot oc it at all without compueter freeze or regularly getting grey lines on my monitor and thi s card runs reportedly very stable here on toms hardware reviews and all i play i wow its not very demanding.
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  1. i cant belive nooone can help me with this i know how to goto bios and basic setting it up but i never mess with timings and voltage could someone please help me with this?
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