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After looking around it would seem that I'm not the only one with this problem. My roommates and I have 3 dells between us, two new laptops and a new desktop. I have had nothing but trouble trying to get them to STAY connected to my Linksys 610N. I have had no trouble with my other equipment, xbox, ps3, wii, and cell all have never had a single issue! WTF Dell?

After looking around I tried to do a Wireless Zero Service, but that doesn't seem to have worked on any of them. Please help!
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  1. I just got off the phone with dell and they want me to buy a service contract! WTF? I just paid 2K for this laptop, is it too much to ask that it works out of the box like my HP laptop did? WTF!!!

    So yeah, they were no help. Is this some kind of extortion? They sell you the computer with the wireless messed up just enough to make you call in and fork over more cash to fix what should have worked from the start?
  2. just finished updating EVERYTHING! will see if that helps. if not I guess I could try forcing the adapters to work in b/g mode.
  3. Dump the Dell junk and go to Engenius is WAY more powerful. Use Engenius driver and Wireless Zero config or straight Engenius as you please. Look at EUB~ external USB or a mini-pci adapter. The power difference is huge!
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