PSU upgrade for Dell Dimension 9200C

I am having the hardest time trying to find an upgrade for my PSU. I have a Dell Dimension 9200C slimcase and the current psu is 275w. I want to get a nice video card, but need a stronger PSU. Can anyone please offer some input? I have been trying to find answers for days and I just can't get anywhere with this. Thanks.
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  1. I'd recommend a larger case too, those slimlines can only fit a half hight (low profile) card. Also if you want a good GFX card you need a 500W or better PSU (which will not fit in your case).

    $50 Antec 300, nuff said
    $50 Antec BP500U 500W
  2. +1 for IH8U's suggestions. Also you could look into the Antec PSU/case combos like the NSK and Sonata lines.
  3. ok, thanks for the help!
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