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I am thinking of adding one or two generic fans to my computer, just to help with cooling. I've never done this before so excuse me if I sound like an idiot. I was planning on mounting one to the rear exhaust vent. I figure this way it will help suck hot air out of the case faster.

The 2nd, I was going to elevate from the bottom of the case, aimed at the GPU card.

I have a 700W power supply so I am not worried about power issues.

Does this sound like a good idea? Is there a better way to go about cooling for computer for about $25.
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  1. Sure, I have a similar config on my CM690 case: 2 120mm intake fans in the front (1 mounted low, at HDD level, and 1 mounted high, at the CPU level), 1 120mm exhausting the rear, and 1 120mm exhausting at the top rear.

    Case mfrs. usually put an intake fan on the lower front and an exhaust fan about CPU level. Theory is: bring in cooler air, which gets heated, rises, and get exhausted out the rear.

    Good cable management helps, too. Try to arrange/re-arrange your internal cables so they do not obstruct airflow (from front to back).
  2. Thanks for the tips.
  3. you're welcome
  4. Another question. I have the fans in and they're definitely getting the air flow I had envisioned but will it be a problem that the fan mounted on the bottom of my case is blowing air onto my GPU fan which is blowing air from my GPU.

    The fan on the bottom is much more powerful then the GPU fan, if my GPU fan is blowing air towards the bottom of the case, and my fan is blowing into the GPU fan. Will it cause some kind of issue where the GPU fan can't properly vent?
  5. If your GPU is exhausting through the rear of the case; most double slot GPUs do this, then your new fan is blowing cooler air into the GPU fan intake. If you have a single slot GPU that vents into the case, you could monitor the GPU temps with GPU-Z, and see if the current configuration is cooling or not. If you don't like the results, you could move the fan you just added so it blows air from front to rear above the GPU.
  6. One last question. Is there anyway to independently control the two fans and turn them on/off.

    They're keeping my system much cooler but it's definitely gotten louder. I only really need them on when I am gaming, is there an easy way to turn the on and off?
  7. Your motherboard may have some fan power/control connectors, check your manual. If not, a fan controller: here's some at newegg, there are many from many vendors..
  8. has a great selection. to choose something on that website, i usually use a few basic criteria
    1-Customer reviews: do other people like it? does it last long?
    2-Price: does it cost too much? is the value good compared to similar products?
    3-Functionality: does it do everything u want it to do?
    4-Appearance: does it match the color of the case, etc.
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