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I ghosted the contents of the miniscule C: drive on a Dell Dimesion desktop that I use onto a 2TB drive partitioned with a half-gig boot drive. Windows XP's Disk Management shows it in the disk map as 489.5GB, but up above in the list of drives, and in Windows My Computer, Windows Explorer, etc., it shows as the 37.25 GB that was the capacity of the original drive. I've run chkdsk /f and fixmbr. How do I get XP to recognize the size of the partition correctly?

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  1. The 2 TB was added, internal?
    The drives will be configured correctly when you run the repair install of XP (after installing new drives) The repair does not erase your personal files, the directions are posted in this forum, sixth post from the top.
    Backup personal files before doing anything.
  2. Check your options that you used to restore the image. You may not have selected "Expand to fill partition" or something similar.
  3. Various partition analyzers give me different readings on whether the partition is 489.5gb and contains 37gb or is 489.5gb and is full, but in any case Windows still sees only a 37gb drive. I attempted a repair reinstall of XP, but the installer did not see the existing installation so I was not offered a "repair this installation" screen -- and this despite the fact that XP boots without a hitch. So: what now??
  4. No thoughts? :(
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