New Mob and Cpu but nothing happens when i power up

Hey i just bought a intel dg33bu motherboard and a q6600 quadcore cpu. i installed everything to the best of my knowledge and when i plug it in the green light on the mobo comes on and the fan for the cpu starts to spin for about 1-2 seconds then stops and the power light is yellow and flashing. Any clue what could be wrong here?
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  1. Do you have another LGA 775 socket CPU that you could throw in it? That would test to see if it was motherboard or CPU. Or it could be RAM. Try 1 stick of RAM at a time. I've also seen a bad power supply do weird things, also. Test your PSU in a different machine. The best way to figure out your problem is to try different things to narrow down your culprit . Also double check to make sure that all of your hardware is supposed to run properly together. That flashing power light make me wonder if it IS CPU or motherboard.......with more emphasis on motherboard.
  2. sometimes the motheboard doesn't support cpu's right out of the box without a bios update, check the manufactuer website to make sure that is not the problem.
  3. well i put a new powersupply on it and nothing chnaged i put a p4 cpu in it and nothing changed so im sending the motherboard back now thanks for the input i just hope its not the cpu
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