Need help with 2 overclocking problems

Okay i have 2 problems and i would like this first one solved first. My friend has a laptop with Mobility Radeon X1300. I tried to help him to overclock it by using ATI Tools & ATI Tray Tools, but for some reason whenever i tried to apply or set the clock, it reverts back to stock/default setting, it doesn't set to the clock i want to set it to. I believe it's because of some vendor or bios lock because it's a damn laptop, but i remember there is a way to bypass this limitation thing, any ideas??

Also, i know overclocking CPU on a laptop won't really help much and is kinda pointless, but he wants me to do it anyway, and i tried using Clockgen but that doesn't work either, does anyone have any good ideas?

And the 2nd problem is my own. I have an old PC running Pentium 4 Northwood 2.4GHZ (stock) and i wanna try to get it to 3GHZ. I did some searching already and a lot of ppl have gotten it to 3GHZ fine.

I do a lot of graphics card overclocking but when it comes to CPU, especially really old ones, i can't do them. I have tried overclocking CPUS through the BIOS for newer motherboards, but those are easier to me for some reason. I have tried overclocking CPUS like E8400 from 3GHZ to 4.3GHZ, and a few i5 and i7.

But for old CPUs, i tried reading the articles and guides on overclocking them and it seems really annoying to me, so i was wondering if anyone could just give me some quick instructions (i know it sound stupid), but i just need to know what to adjust to for this old CPU.

Oh and I'm using Kingston 2x 512mb ram.
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  1. ya i overclocked my P4 to 2.9Ghz using setFSB.

    as for my friend's laptop, he doesn't care, he just wants to overclock it, i won't overclock it too much for him, but i just need to find a way to lift the overclocking limitation or lock because it just reverts back to the default value whenever i tried to set the clock speed under ATI Tools or ATI Tray Tools.....
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