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Hey guys.. i'm currently upgrading my graphics card from a visiontek HD4850 512mb GDDR3 at stock timings to an HD4870.. i've always been a huge fan of ATI..
now the question is, which HD4870 should i get ? i'm running a monitor on 1280x1024, and will hopefully soon be starting to play at 1680 or if christmas is fruiteful, at 1920 (but thats rather unlikely to happen) ...
so there are many aftermarket HD4870s.. my main question is how much memory do i need ? 512 mb or 1gb ? what's the performance difference ? and some brands offer company overclocked GPUs.. such as sapphire.. so which HD4870 do you recommend me getting (if you do recommend me changing my current vga at all..) and why ?
i found this one to be quite good..
thanks a lot guys.. waiting for ur replies..
tks.. CJ
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  1. oh and i dont overclock at home..
  2. My personal experience with Diamond was so dismal that they earned a place on my "do not buy" list. There are too many viable choices out there for me to ever need to consider a Diamond product.
  3. but what are the differences between 1gb and 512mb of memory ? how much do i need ? and are future games bound to use 1 or 512 ?
  4. I agree with the last post stay away from Diamond stick with Sapphire (the #1 maker of ATI products ) As for the card I would go for the 1 gig version it will give you more room to expand your resolution!
    I'm kicking myself because I did not wait a bit before buying mine as I run at 1920x1200 ...got my card within a couple of days of it's release...A lot of reviews for the 1gig version calle it THE one to buy and I agree! Game on brother!! :bounce:
  5. If you already have a 4850 why are you getting a 4870? Are you returning the 4850? If not, perhaps you should consider getting another 4850 & Xfiring them if you have a compatible mobo.
  6. .....and if your board supports crossfire well just get another HD4850 performance wise it's quite interesting!!!
  7. no my board doesnt support CrossFire.. i have a 16x and a 4x.. so no crossfire for me.. i'll stick with the single GPU solution.. so a stock 1gb GDDR5 3600MHz ? or a 512mb GDDR5 4000MHz with vaporX cooling ? or should i wait for the 1gb with vaporX cooling ? :P but does anyone know when sapphire should probably launch it ?
    i'm selling my HD4850.. i'm not in the US but i got it from the US and they're selling it for like 300$ here.. :P so i can sell it for the same price that i baught it for around 200$.. good deal no ? ;) hehe
  8. +1!!!!!!! on diamond no support
  9. All my ATI cards have come from Sapphire, no problems with any, not even the X800 that modded very nicely to XTPE spec...hehehe :D
    If you want to go to 19x12 get the 1 Gb version, even if you do go for the smaller screen it`ll give you some overhead to use the eye candy in the future as games get even more demanding.
  10. If you can wait another month and a half the price will be going down about 20% around the holidays. At least that's what I have read in a few articles. Heck by that time a 4850x2 might be about for under $350 :)
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