Is it safe to use a psu fan as cooler

hello guys
i have a gfx card9400gt with no fan on it.
i had a damaged psu with a working fan so i removed it and
used it to cool my card. the fan has two pins while mobo has 3 but it still
works with 2 terminals,just i cant see the speed.
now i am planning to overclock the card. is it ok?
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  1. If its blowing air across the GPU heatsinks, it should help remove the heat. Why don't you try it and let us know? Watch your GPU temps, if you don't have temp monitoring software, try GPU-Z (here).
  2. Yeah, im interested to see how this would work. Just monitor your temps as you go.
  3. please post a pic of your card or a link to a website that includes a pic of ur card. id like to see what kind of heatsink it has. also: what angle did you put the fan on?
  4. you can have a pic of card on google type-' 9400gt with no fan-'
    i use gpu-z and ATITOOLS to monitor the temps.
    before the addition of fan,the temps of card during gaming (assa creed,cod mw)
    were upto 82-83 degree C.
    now they hardly go over 48.
    i put terminals of fan in those which are meant for cabinet fan.
    the fan is exactly perpendicular to heat sink and all the airflow strikes the card processor
  5. Success! :bounce: You thought through your heat issue, salvaged a working fan, and installed it, solving your heat problem. Good job! :wahoo:
  6. i might be sounding ridiculous but i have one more fan
    of same type. can i use it with the same mobo terminal by just splitting
    the wire into two? or will at sress the smps as it will have to provide
    power for 2 fans?
    i know that i am playing with my pc too much but
    i cant see that fan just lying on my table.
  7. Fans don't draw much current, but I don't know if there is enough juice on one board power connector to drive 2 fans. You could try, but I think you'd be better off using another power connector - or splicing the other fan into a MOLEX connector and connecting it straight to the PSU.

    On the other hand, you have adequate cooling - and a spare fan.
  8. well if the 2nd fan is of the EXACT same type, (if its not itll mess up the airflow) i would put 1 at each and of the heatsink and make a shroud/duct thing. that'll get you the best cooling!
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